The artist
The Painter Sander Sieuwerts (1982) was born and raised in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Drawing and later painting have always been great hobbies of him. After having drawing and art history as an examination course at secondary school, he became more and more developed in the two-dimensional plane. From 2006 to 2012 Sander was a member of the Kunstenaars Kontakt Wageningen (Artists Contact Wageningen), which was a group of artists from Wageningen (The Netherlands) and surroundings. In 2012 he moved to the East Jutland region in Denmark.

The work
Sanders work can be divided into three different styles: figurative (naturally), abstract (which often depicts a concept or twists the natural world so that it is no longer recognizable as such), or something between figurative and abstract, where the objects are still recognizable but not really natural. Most paintings are made with acrylic paint on canvas, but other techniques are also applied.
Structuring the world is an important theme in the work. Therefore, a painting is often divided into rectangular surfaces, squares or even 'computer pixels'.
3D stands for 'Dutch - Danish Design'.
Sander with some of his paintings (spring 2013).
De schilder
The atelier
In 2013 moved Sander to the village Gjesing, on the border of the municipalities Skanderborg and Odder. The atelier is located at the same location and can be visited after appointment and on special open atelier days.